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Maryland, the most southern of the middle United States, is bounded north by Pennsylvania; east by Delaware and the Atlantic; and south and west by Virginia. It is between 33° and 39° 44' north latitude, and between 75° 10' and 79° 20' west longitude, and between 2° 31' west and 1° 53' east from West It is 196 miles long, and 120 broad, containing 13,959 square miles, or 8,933,760 acres, of which one fifth is water. The Chesapeake Bay runs nearly through the state from south to north, dividing it into two parts, called the Eastern Shore and the Western Shore.

The population in 1790, was 319,723; in 1800, 345,824; in 1810, 380,546; in 1820, 407,350; in 1830, 446,913; in 1840, 469,232, of which 89,495 were slaves. Of the free population 158,636 were white males; 159,081 white females; 29,173 were colored males; 32,847 colored females. Employed in agriculture, 60,851; in commerce, 3,249; in manufactures and trades, 21,325; navigating the ocean, 721 do. canals, creeks, and rivers, 1,519; learned professions, 1,647. Read more...

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