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Biography of Lewis G. Wells, M. D.

In Bishop Handy's ''Scraps of African Methodist History," mention is made of Dr. Lewis G. Wells.

 He was born in the city of Baltimore, and it is said that he studied medicine at one of the Medical colleges of this city. In all probability, such studies were carried on while serving in some capacity as an employee of the institution. It is also maintained that he was one of the most skillful physicians of his day.

Bishop Handy savs: During the rage of the cholera in 1832, he could be seen riding up one street and down another, administering to the sick and dying. He had a presentiment that he would die with that disease, and sure enough he was overtaken by it, and finally died.

No man was more respected than Dr. Wells; as an evidence of it, in nearly all of the older families, his picture may be seen hanging against the walls, with here and there a photograph of a son bearing the name of this eminent man, Dr. Lewis G. Wells.'

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Source: Gazetteer of Maryland, by Henry Gannett, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1904.


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