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Destiny of the Colored Race

"The Destiny of the Colored Race in the United States" by the Rev. Dr.  Pennington

Was Contributed to and Published in the "Christian Recorder" During the year 1852.

It was remarked by a distinguished statesman that the future destiny of the Colored race will be identified with the interests of the Anglo-Saxon race in America. That sentiment will be verified. The Colored race will never be entirely separated or removed from this country as a race, and located somewhere else. History forbids the indulgence of the supposition. Nowhere in the history of nations, where slavery has existed, have the enslaved been entirely separated or removed from the land of their oppression, except in the solitary instance of the Hebrews from Egypt, and their separation was the effect of Heaven's purpose, or their destiny to this day would have been identified to some extent with the land of Miriam. The Grecian and Roman slaves, after their emancipation, had their destiny with those nations, and rose to every degree of distinction as laborers, mechanics, merchants, agriculturists, manufacturers, men of science and literature, men of professions in religion, in medicine, in law, and military profession. In all of the Atlantic Islands de-pendent upon Spain, France and England, where slavery has obtained and emancipation has taken place, the emancipated remain upon the soil, and have, and are becoming the owners of the same to a considerable extent, and are rapidly rising in the scale of civilization, like the cloud-less sun appearing above the horizon, bending his way to the high point of the zenith, scattering darkness and diffusing warmth and light abroad; so they in whose favor right has triumphed over wrong, and truth over error, are rising above the night of ignorance and slavery, to the bright zenith of civil, social, political and religious privileges.

Such will be the destiny of the Colored race in this country. That thousands will emigrate while their condition is being agitated, to escape from the noise and the strife of the mighty contest, between truth and error, like those who live in the immediate vicinity of the battlefield, to secure their safety and avoid the sight of the deadly onslaught, flee to more remote parts, is not denied. Some will take the false advice of the Colonizer, that their condition can only be improved materially by breaking up every tie and happy association of their native and civilized land and going to a purely heathen and, to a great extent, barbarous country.

A few attracted by the fact that Haiti has a government conducted by their colored brethren, will seek repose under the shades of the mountains of that eventful island, and be protected by the laws of the second colored emperor in the history of man. Others, in consequence of the known humanity and benevolence of the British Isles towards the Colored race will go there to share their hospitality and good-will, and will improve as those islands are rapidly advancing in all the arts of civilized life.

Many hundreds, amid a thousand opposing difficulties, I will cross our inland seas to the country reserved by a beneficent Providence for the safe repose of abused humanity, and find comfort and succor under British laws, while two opposing elements, truth and error, shall be contested upon the field of right for the unconditional freedom of the captive on the one side, and his continued servitude on the other. Truth, it is pleasing to reflect, being armed can-a-pie with omnipotent energy, will doubtless place her victorious flag upon the high summit of conquest, and command the admiration and shouts of an exulting worlds. While this fearful contest shall be going on, the refugee on British soil will be advancing in personal improvement, in mental culture, in the arts and sciences, and the acquisition of ownership in the soil all of which combined will secure for them a public respect and confidence such as will make them feel at home and at ease. But the millions will remain in this country and be identified with the history of the white race, be that history what it may.

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Source: Gazetteer of Maryland, by Henry Gannett, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1904.


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