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Maryland Genealogy/Historical Societies and Museums

Maryland Historical Society
Founded in 1844, the Maryland Historical Society (MdHS) is the state’s oldest continuously operating cultural institution. In keeping with the founders’ commitment to preserve the remnants of Maryland’s past, MdHS remains the premier institution for state history.

Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society
Early in 1977, a small group of historians and genealogists met informally to explore problems of mutual interest. Among the concerns discussed was the possible need for an organization that would focus largely, but not exclusively, on the family history and genealogy of minority groups in the belief that these groups had been largely overlooked over the years.

The Baltimore County Genealogical Society
The Baltimore County Genealogical Society was founded in 1977 to help educate members in tracing their family ancestry, to collect and publish material related to genealogy, and to encourage the open exchange of genealogical ideas and experiences.

Historical Society of Baltimore County
HSBC is home to thousands of library volumes, historic photographs, research vertical files, cultural artifacts, genealogy files, and hundreds of maps, microfilm, archival and manuscript collections, and tombstone inscription files.

Calvert County Historical Society
The Calvert County Historical Society, Inc. was founded in 1953 by a small group of concerned Calvert County residents. On May 5, 1954, articles of incorporation were made part of the public record which stated that the main purpose of the Society was to further the collection of historical data and records concerned with Calvert County.

Historical Society of Carroll County
The Historical Society of Carroll County, Inc., is a not-for-profit [501 (c) 3] educational institution dedicated to collecting and preserving materials and interpreting the history of Carroll County, Maryland.

Historical Society of Cecil County
We are pleased to be utilizing the Internet to make available to you information on Cecil County history and genealogy. As you — the genealogist, researcher, or person interested in local culture and heritage.

Historical Society of Charles County
The Historical Society of Charles County, Inc. was established in 1961 to preserve, research and promote the heritage of Charles County, Maryland.

Dorchester County Historical Society
The Dorchester County Historical Society, Inc. was formed in May of 1953 by a small group of folks interested in preserving the rich history of the region.  In February 1959, this group purchased the Meredith House, ca. 1760, which became the first home of the organization.

Historical Society of Frederick County
The Historical Society of Frederick County is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to increasing public awareness and appreciation of the history of Frederick County. The Society collects and preserves artifacts and documents for study and education.

Garrett County Historical Society Museums
The Garrett County Historical Society combines many facets of Garrett County History into three museums with wide-ranging displays and presentations. The Garrett County Historical Museum features a variety of artifacts that will take you through generations of Garrett County History.

The Historical Society of Hartford County
The Historical Society of Harford County, Inc. collects, preserves, promotes, and interprets the rich and diverse history of the Harford County area in its regional context from prehistoric origins to the present for the education and enjoyment of current and future generations.

Historical Society of Kent County Maryland
The Historical Society of Kent County, Maryland, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the collection and preservation of artifacts, documents, and information that aid in the interpretation of all aspects of Kent County's history.

Montgomery County Historical Society
The Montgomery County Historical Society (MCHS) collects, interprets and promotes the history, heritage and culture of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Prince George's County Historical Society
Founded in 1952, this all-volunteer, non-profit organization works to fulfill its mission of preserving and promoting the County's long and diverse history through.

Queen Anne's County Historical Society
Founded in 1960, the Queen Anne’s County Historical Society is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to collecting, preserving, and interpreting the history of Queen Anne’s County and fostering within the county, and beyond, greater appreciation of that history.

St. Mary's County Historical Society
Its collections are held in trust for the use and education of the public. They are primarily composed of documentary and archival materials with a focus on the county’s people, places, and events.

Somerset County Historical Trust
The Somerset Trust participates in various state and federal programs. your county neighbors assist local groups in administering the state grand funds for restorations, monitoring preservation activities in the county and acting as liaison between the state and the county.

Talbot Historical Society
The Talbot Historical Society (THS) was founded in 1954, just two years after the opening of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Seeking a balance between growth and preservation, the Society stands among the organizations formed by citizens to preserve the heritage of the Eastern Shore.

Washington County Historical Society
Headquarters, archives and genealogical library of WCHS is housed in the Miller House lower floor. The house above was built in 1825 by Samuel Price. The Millers acquired the house in 1912 and gifted it to the Society in 1965. One of several properties they maintain.

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