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Origin of Maryland County Names

The Origin of the Names of the Counties of Maryland, with the date of their formation.

County, Origin of Name, Date of Formation

St. Mary's - In honor of the Virgin Mary. 1637

Kent - After the County of Kent in England. 1642

Anne Arundel - After Lady Anne Arundel, wife of Cecilius, second Lord Baltimore. 1650

Calvert - The family name of the Proprietors. 1654

Charles - After Charles, Lord Baltimore. 1658

Baltimore - From the Proprietor's Irish barony; the Celtic name meaning "large town." 1659

Talbot - After Lord Talbot, uncle of Lady Baltimore. 1661

Somerset - After Lady Mary Somerset, sister of Lord Baltimore. 1666

Dorchester - In honor of the Karl of Dorset. 1668.

Cecil - In honor of Cecilius, second Lord Baltimore. 1674.

Prince George's - After Prince George of Denmark. 1695.

Queen Anne's - In honor of Queen Anne of England. 1706.

Worcester - After the Earl of Worcester. 1712.

Frederick - In honor of Frederick, Prince of Wales. 1748.

Caroline - After Lady Caroline Calvert, sister to Frederick, Lord Baltimore. 1773.

Harford - After Henry Harford, the last Proprietor. 1773.

Washington - In honor of George Washington. 1776.

Montgomery - After General Montgomery. 1776.

Allegany - After an Indian tribe, the Alligewi. 1789.

Carroll - After Charles Carroll of Carrollton. 1836.

Howard - After John Eager Howard. 1851.

Wicomico - After the river of that name. 1867.

Garrett- After John W. Garrett. 1872.

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Source: History of Maryland, by James McSherry, Baltimore, printed and published by John Murphy, 1849.


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